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Argyle Cryo | Cryotherapy Center in Argyle Texas

Frozen Shoulder

For years I have dealt with pain and limited range of motion in my shoulder due to frozen shoulder. I had previously tried several different things to help, and never really found relief.

Argyle Cryo introduced me to Local Cryotherapy for pain management, and I was AMAZED. They told me I would have less pain and gain more mobility. I was super skeptical when they introduced me to this concept. After just one treatment I was a believer! Not only was I able to lift my arm over my head for the first time in years, and my pain level was pretty much gone.

Argyle Cryo | Cryotherapy Center in Argyle Texas
Post Knee Surgery Treatment

Justin was hanging out one night after his knee surgery and mentioned he was sore and stiff. After a few minutes, we discussed trying to treat his knee with our Local Cryotherapy. After some skepticism and doubt, Justin decided to let us try.

Within minutes he could feel a difference, and by the next day his pain level was much less. Justin continued treatment and got through treatments 4 and 5 and feels great.

Several months later we did a follow-up with Justin to see how his knee was doing, and he said it feels good.

Argyle Cryo | Cryotherapy Center in Argyle Texas

I have known the folks from Argyle Cryo for years, and Trenton and I have been friends for years as well! When Trenton told me about the arm care program he had for pitchers I wanted to know more!

After 1 treatment I knew this was a great treatment for my general arm care.,

Eventually, I started coming before and after each start to make sure I took the best care of my arm. Within a few weeks not only did my arm start feeling better, but my velocity was going up too!

I look forward to my treatments each week, and would recommend Argyle Cryo to anyone that is looking to take care of their body.

Argyle Cryo | Cryotherapy Center in Argyle Texas
Pain Management

After having pain in my forearm and elbow for a few weeks from golfers’ elbow, I decided to give local cryotherapy a try. I have heard other people talk about reducing inflammation and pain with cryo. I noticed a difference after the 2nd or 3rd treatment and after the 5th or 6th most of my pain was gone, the swelling has gone away and I am able to hit golf balls again.