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Our Cryotherapy and Wellness Services

Cryotherapy - Revitalize, Recover, and Recharge at Argyle Cryo
Whole-Body Cryotherapy

 Immerse yourself in extreme cold to reduce inflammation, enhance recovery, and boost overall wellness.

Local Cryotherapy for Sports Injuries

Target specific areas with localized cryotherapy to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Cryo Slimming and Sculpting

Reshape your body with our non-invasive fat reduction treatments for a more contoured appearance.

Cryo Facials

Rejuvenate your skin with cryotherapy facials for a radiant, youthful complexion.

EMS Therapy

Strengthen and tone your muscles with our advanced electrical muscle stimulation technology.

Infrared Sauna

Detoxify and relax in our infrared sauna, promoting better circulation and stress relief.

Halo Therapy

 Experience the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy for respiratory and skin health.

Red Light Therapy

Stimulate cellular regeneration and healing with our cutting-edge red light therapy treatments.

Vibration Plate

Enhance your workouts and improve balance with our whole-body vibration technology.

PEMF Therapy

Boost your body’s natural healing processes with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Fit3D Scanner

Track your progress with our state-of-the-art 3D body scanning and analysis system.

Normatec Compression

Relieve sore muscles and improve circulation with our Normatec compression therapy.

Brain Tap

 Enhance mental clarity and relaxation with our innovative Brain Tap technology.

Why US

Why Choose Argyle Cryo & Wellness

  • We have a State-of-the-Art Facilitiy:
  • All Certified and Experienced Staff: Trust our knowledgeable and skilled team to guide you on your wellness journey.
  • Personalized Wellness Plans: Benefit from customized plans tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Wide Range of Wellness Services: Enjoy our comprehensive selection of services to support your physical and mental well-being.

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